bioweb  0.09.92
C++/Python(django)/JavaScript(angularJS) framework
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 calc.cppC++ file with example calculation library
 calc.hppC++ calculation library interface
 calcpy.cppPython interface for C++ calculation library
 SConscriptScons build for calc C++ library
 app.jsMain client module, AngularJS application with routing
 controllers.jsAngularJS controllers
 services.jsAngularJS services, AJAX communication with the server
 srv.pyEcho server for client unit testing
 test01_basic.jsClient unit tests, check the qunit testing library
 test02_services.jsClient unit tests, check the service calling
 file_include.pyHelping python script for substitution files when generationg
 SConscriptScons build for client part (JavaScript, AngularJS)
 tests.pyC++ calculation library Python API unit testing
 views.pyCalculation library interface to client
 models.pyCurrent server status model
 tests.pyCurrent server status unit testing
 views.pyCurrent server status interface to client
 models.pyServer version model
 tests.pyVersion module unit testing
 views.pyServer version interface to client
 manage.pyDjango run script
 SConscriptScons build for server part (Python django)
 wsgi.pyDjango wsgi interface